Virtual Xero Hour: From apps to advisory

Virtual Xero Hour: From apps to advisory

There is more to Advisory Services than KPIs and Cashflow. Whether you are already a Cloud Integrator or looking to become one, join us for Virtual Xero Hour in March. We will present on App Advisory as a service line, Xero's app ecosystem, and provide an introduction to Xero's App Playbooks and Industry Badges. After this short presentation, attendees will be divided into smaller discussion groups in order to provide you ample time to connect and collaborate on this topic with other Accountants and Bookkeeper from across North America.

February Xero Hour: Measure success and learn what clients really think of you

Feedback from both clients and staff provides you with vital knowledge and insights. To start, ask yourself these key questions: Does your culture encourage two-way dialogue? Have you asked peers how they secure feedback? Do you actively request testimonials and reviews? There are many ways to capture these insights – join us to learn how.


Wednesday, February 27, 2019
5:30 PM to 7:30 PM

Getting Started with Xero

Getting Started with Xero

How to get the most out of Xero right from the start

When you start using Xero, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. We’re big fans here at Acme Accountants and know how happy clients are when they can see their cash flow situation whenever they want, send online invoices, pay bills and run their businesses more effectively.

June Xero Hour: How to choose the right app(s)

When it comes to assembling the tools you use, there’s a lot to consider: client verticals, scale, desired results … and of course, costs. Then there’s the discussion of external or internal applications. And are the tools customer-facing or for your own business stack? Join us as we outline the tool categories and how they can best fit into your practice and client roster.

March Xero Hour: Pick your perfect client

The year, as always, becomes the quick blur. And the March Xero Hour takes pause to ask the all-important, why? The session provides the forum for you to carefully consider why you do what you do + how you can you improve. Knowing these provides the baseline as you move forward with your niche, tools, marketing strategy – and seemingly every part of your business. There’s plenty to discuss and learn – so come join us.

2018 XeroHour: The Year to Accelerate

What we're about

Xero Hour Meetups mix light appetizers, power networking … and the chance to join other Xero-minded professionals. At #XeroHour, local accounting partners share best practices to boost your Xero experience and expand your business scope. Neighboring SMBs also visit periodically to stretch your community presence. Xero Hour is a free monthly event that’s fun and collaborative. Join us and make this your finest hour.