June Xero Hour: How to choose the right app(s)

When it comes to assembling the tools you use, there’s a lot to consider: client verticals, scale, desired results … and of course, costs. Then there’s the discussion of external or internal applications. And are the tools customer-facing or for your own business stack? Join us as we outline the tool categories and how they can best fit into your practice and client roster.

March Xero Hour: Pick your perfect client

The year, as always, becomes the quick blur. And the March Xero Hour takes pause to ask the all-important, why? The session provides the forum for you to carefully consider why you do what you do + how you can you improve. Knowing these provides the baseline as you move forward with your niche, tools, marketing strategy – and seemingly every part of your business. There’s plenty to discuss and learn – so come join us.

2018 XeroHour: The Year to Accelerate

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Xero Hour Meetups mix light appetizers, power networking … and the chance to join other Xero-minded professionals. At #XeroHour, local accounting partners share best practices to boost your Xero experience and expand your business scope. Neighboring SMBs also visit periodically to stretch your community presence. Xero Hour is a free monthly event that’s fun and collaborative. Join us and make this your finest hour.

Who gets a 1099?

Who gets a 1099?

Who gets a 1099?


When business owners ask this they are usually referring to the 1099-MISC.

The extremely short, general guideline is - All non-employees (vendors) to whom you pay more than $600 for services provided to your business in a calendar year.