Success Story: Creatives

Dawn has been my bookkeeper for several years now and I recommend her without reservation. I'm a creative professional and I advise other artists. I have referred countless colleagues and clients to Dawn. She "gets" the creative mindset and doesn't treat us patronizingly, as I've found to be the case with some financial industry folks. She has an appreciation for and understanding of the creative mindset, which helps her explain bookkeeping concepts in ways that are truly helpful to artists and other creative professionals. I find that creative people often feel shame around their finances (whether their ability to comprehend the basics, or some trouble they may have gotten into for lack of understanding). Dawn is warm, compassionate and patient. All these qualities make her an invaluable business ally to me and others like me. I especially appreciated her openness to exploring alternatives to QuickBooks, which I found so complicated as to make me avoid looking at my books! She researched the other options and was one of the early adopters of Xero, which has been a game-changer for me.

-B. Cordes, February13 Creative