Success Story: Creative

I've been doing business with Dawn for about 6 years. It was at a time when I was discouraged because I'm not very business oriented, I'm an artist.

All the tasks of managing a small business I was doing by myself with excel spreadsheet - and I just hated it - I'd put it off until the last minute - and come up with the same result every time, "I'm quitting."

Dawn met with me and she's very positive and encouraging and said that's what they do, they focus on small businesses. She got things set up for me and all I had to do was input the data. She organized everything for me.  

She introduced me to Xero and that made all the difference. Now,we communicate all the time and if I have a question I just ask. It's much easier for me. I'm still in business. Dawn is so personable - she's more like a friend. She's very interested in my business and what I do. 

A system that you can use online that you can share with your bookkeeper - that's very important - you need some kind of a framework that you can both work within. That's what enables me to work outside the country.

D. Gundlach, The Language of Cloth