Success Story: Tap Room

Before MATAX I did not have a real understanding of what was important to track and how to do it properly. I was overwhelmed, confused and frustrated. As a small business owner I have a lot on my plate.  MATAX took the time to educate me and give me a solid foundation so that I felt comfortable and I could help with the process. Now I look forward to entering the sales and looking at the reports. I am able to pull up the information I need quickly, make decisions based on data and see trends in real time. I have more time to focus on actually running a business.

I know that we have MATAX in our corner and that is huge. Now with our finances in order and up to date, we have more time to think creatively. We started this business to be artistic, not to lose sleep over the numbers.

K. Caveney, Cellarmaker Brewing Company