Ask Your Xero Advisor

Ask Your Xero Advisor

Have a question about anything/everything Xero?  Ask your Advisor.

Here are a few of the comments I hear from business owners who do not use the ‘Ask My Advisor’ link within their Xero file:

1.  I don’t have an Advisor

2.  I am not sure what types of things I should ask my advisor

3.  I don’t want to ask the wrong question or seem dumb to my Advisor

Here are my answers:

1.  Get an Advisor!  It has been proven that businesses that are connected with an Advisor are much more likely to succeed.  You can search for an Advisor in your area (location or business area) with the expertise you need.

2.  Ask anything and everything.  Your Advisor is there for you.  Your Advisor’s world is advising.  If your Advisor does not reply or advise, refer to answer #1.

     3.  See answer #2.  If your Advisor makes you feel less than the awesome being that ventured forth to create a business of their own that you are, then refer to answer #1.

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