Xero Gold Partner of the Year, Americas

On January 18th, 2018 we were presented with the Xero Gold Partner of the Year Award.

Knowing this honor was awarded after one of the most challenging years in recent memory makes it all the more humbling and rewarding.

“This is a challenging year”.  We heard this time and time again from so many in our various communities.  Countless changes and unknowns, political climates, societal fluxes, weather catastrophes, environmental disasters… so many things affected so many.

In 2017, we turned our focus to the well-being of the people behind the businesses.  Not just our clients, but those in all our communities -- other Xero Advisors, Vendor colleagues; anyone who needed an ear, a shoulder, a hand, we did our best to provide.  We received the same in return.

The reason we started MATAX, the reason we continue to find ways to expand our services remains the same, to serve.  Needs change, as does technology. We aim to be at the forefront of both, to inform, enable, empower.

We are so honored and thankful for Xero, the extended Xero Community, our clients (past, present and future), our communities and our families for inspiring, encouraging and continually striving for inclusivity and growth.  We share this achievement with all of you and will use it as a reminder always that the best of us emerges when we work together.