When in doubt .. Demo demo demo

Xero’s Demo Company is a great way to practice and try new things without having to do so in your live accounting file.  Here’s how:

From your title bar, upper left, tap the list icon

Choose ‘My Xero’  

At the bottom of that screen, you will see a link ‘Try the Demo Company’

This will take you to a Xero file that is completely separate from you own, populated with fictional data.  No one else can see your demo file, nor import/export any data into that Demo file.

Here is where you can test and play and try out features of Xero in a safe, stress-free environment.

You will have access to all features except for bank feeds.  You can export/import new chart of accounts, work on bank rules, invoices. Everything you can think of

And, just when you think you’ve completed everything there was to complete and try in the Demo file … reset it and have another go.

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