Before You contact Xero Support

Before You contact Xero Support

Here are a few hints to make your Xero support experience seamless.

  • Close all files and other web pages you may have open, then clear the cache and cookies in your web browser.  Sometimes old data gets stored on your browser
  • Check to see if there are any system issues oath Xero by checking out their System Status Page

If you are still experiencing issues or feel something is broken, use your  ?  Icon and try Asking you Advisor.

If you tap the ? Icon and you do not already have a Xero Advisor,  you can search for one on the Advisor directory

Before you tap the link to ‘Contact Xero Support’

  • Be sure you take any screenshots of the issue(s) so you can attach them to your support request.
  • Choose the kind of help you need, either:
    • I need help to do something
    • I think something is broken
  • Be as descriptive as possible
  • Explain What you have already tried and the result
  • Attach this screenshots
  • Be sure the check the box next to ‘Invite Xero Support into my organisation’,  this will reduce backend forth communications with support and get you closer to resolution.

You can also give Xero a little bit of feedback by choosing: 

  • I'd like to say nice things or
  • I'd like to suggest a new feature

So if you have the next great idea, let us and them know it. Your voice matters.


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