Xerocon continues ...

Two weeks after Xerocon and the momentum continues. In fact, it is growing.  The two days spent here in SF learning, meeting and acquiring was a fast paced juggernaut of inspiration, tools and connections.

Talks by Mel Robbins and Dandapandi were especially fruitful.

Each morning and several time throughout each day a chant of 5-4-3-2-1-Go! is either mentally or verbally shouted. As well, the management team has been actively working on practicing concentration and presence, which has resulted in closer communication with staff, implementation of advanced productivity tools, partnerships with some key vendors and fellow Xero advisors, a few unexpectedly candid and fruitful conversations with clients. 

Tools, tips and tricks revealed during session of the Mastery track have already impacted the team’s productivity and deepened their understanding of Xero, enabling them to better serve clients and internal processes. 

The air hockey and putting skills still need a bit more work, and I don’t know that silent disco will ever really take off but being surrounded by like-minded professionals focused on elevating accounting and solutions forSMBs is right where we always want to be. 

We’ll keep updating as things unfold, as new tools are learned and implemented.  If you have any best of Xerocon tools or tales to share, we’d love to hear about them!